What is Jeklynn Heights?

Jeklynn Heights is a multiplayer game that incorporates a multitude of genres and themes including 1st and 3rd person combat, RPG, strategy, and adventure. The game takes place entirely at night, a time when violence and peculiarity are at their peak. The town is separated into two sides:

The Slums (poor)                     The Square (rich)

Each team starts out on the opposite side of the map. Both teams have several unique characters you can play as throughout the duration of the match. Each character has a different attack rotation, ranged weapon, and various special abilities.

Primary Objective
The goal of the game is to acquire the Orb of Egression located in the other team's base. In order to capture the orb, the teams will need a portion of their overall players channeling it based on the team size.  Successfully capturing the orb is your ticket out of this crazy town, but it comes with high risk.

Secondary Objective
Throughout each playable map there are structures called Sanity Posts and Ability Orbs. Capturing a Sanity Post will give the acquiring team a forward position and more sanity; a resource used to level up your character to gain special attacks. Capturing Ability Orbs will give the acquiring team a huge advantage by making various passive and active abilities accessible. Sanity Posts and Ability Orbs can be recaptured by the enemy team however, so it is crucial to defend them and brainstorm which ones would benefit your team.

Sanity Posts & Sanity

Sanity in Jeklynn Heights, in short, is your character's experience. Leveling up will provide statistic bonuses and a single-use special attack each level. Capturing Sanity Posts are one of the ways to increase your Sanity meter. These posts are also places (when captured) that allow players to teleport between the base and the Sanity Post in order to adequately defend from enemy infiltrations.  If you die and your team has this Sanity Post captured, you may choose to respawn at the post.  The below video shows the process of capturing a sanity post. 

Download this video

Ability Orbs

Ability Orbs will also be placed throughout the map. If an orb is captured, the entire team will be provided with that specific ability. These abilities help a player during combat, scouting, and defending, depending on which Ability Orbs are in the teams' possession. It is very crucial to know which orbs to target (a decision that will vary based on each map and the other characters on your team). If the other team recaptures an orb you once had, that specific ability will be lost and the other team will gain it.  Below is a video that shows Orb Channeling.

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Combat System

Every playable character has a unique attack rotation, melee and ranged weapon, special attack set, block ability, and taunt.  The attack rotation consists of 4 swings at different speeds using the character's main melee weapon.  When your character gains a level by capturing posts and killing enemies, a special attack is given to the player which can be applied to either your ranged or melee weapon. Below is a video of Benny Sinn, the resident barber of Jeklynn Heights.  The video starts off by showcasing the attack rotation, his block ability, unique taunt, melee special attack, and ranged weapon known as the Hair Fryer.

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